Language Of Access Project

‘Language of access’ is a new training opportunity for doctoral students and Early Career Researchers designed to help you make your research more visible.

Funded by the AHRC, a short series of workshops will focus on the study of the history of medicine, science and the visual arts. King’s College London Archives has teamed up with the Royal Institution, Courtauld Institute of Art and Wellcome Library to provide training and interdisciplinary discussion that will explore how you can make your research accessible to wider audiences.

The course will include:

  • practical skills training on the running of focus groups for members of the general public
  • some of the tricks of search engine optimisation that may help make your research more visible on Google
  • it will also explore the potential of Linked Data – a new web technology that promises to transform access to research in the years to come.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from academic specialists and explore curatorial practices in four leading London archives of art and science including the use and value of different subject vocabularies.

The course is open to students and early career researchers in subject areas at King’s College London, University College London, the School of Advanced Study and wider University of London institutions.

Modest bursaries will be available to support travel and subsistence.