Wellcome Library visit, 24 March

Ross MacFarlane and Dr Chris Hilton are our hosts for this visit to the Wellcome Library.

–         9.45am-10am: Arrival at Gibbs Building (http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/About-us/Contact-us/Travel-information/index.htm), tea and coffee

–         10am-10.15: Introduction – contexts, ‘seeing in context’ and moving from Wellcome’s collection to Wellcome Collection

–         10.15-11.15: Chris (talk + discussion)

Chris is going to talk about the ‘language of access’ in the context of how we only access special collections through the language of the catalogue (unlike open shelf books, we can’t just browse if the catalogue is poor quality); that framing whilst cataloguing makes all sorts of assumptions about what we think is important and therefore what users we think will be when using a catalogue; and that digital issues like remote access make it more important to be aware of those assumptions and not to accept them unquestioningly.  He’ll be picking apart the assumptions of ISAD(G) and MeSH, and entering the waters of Linked Data via photocopies of deeds, an Armenian catalogue and a manuscript produced at a séance

–         11.15-11.30: Break

–         11.30-12.30: Ross (talk + discussion)

Ross will be talking about notions of access and how they overlap with the development of the Library’s audience.  Should certain parts of an archive’s audience be privileged in their access to resources?  He will talk about how the Library fits within both Wellcome Collection and the Wellcome Trust. how access to the collections has expanded through digitisation and what the future may hold.  This talk will probably include mention of a ‘mossy foot’, will certainly feature a recipe for haggis and why explain why you should never second guess someone’s research interests…

–         12.30: End

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